Poster showing Construction Progress

I sent copies of this poster to school and the parish office. I believe it will be on display this weekend. Click below to view.

The progress is a wonder to behold. Walking the site each day, it is like watching a spring garden spring into bloom. The bricks are being laid, concrete floors being poured and polished, walls and roofs going up.

More to come soon,



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Bob Schatzman

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SFB Construction

My son Matthew (SFB Grade 5) and I have been filming the progress at the new school construction site. We wanted to share the progress with you using film and still images “from a different angle”…….

Star trails,¬† you can see the stars rotating around the north star, an airplane, and several shooting stars over the construction site. This is 2500 individual images with a full size camera “Stacked” to create one. The time lapse video of the stars can be seen at the end of the 9-28 video below.

Click the photos to enlarge.




CraneSunFlareRise.Still001DCIM100MEDIA SFB-9-13-14A-bschatzman DCIM100MEDIA

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New Doggie!


We adopted a 5 month old puppy today, name still being finalized. She’s a Black Lab and has a wonderful personality. Great with the kids and does not jump up or bark much. Crossing fingers!



BC3A5631 BC3A5761 BC3A5736 BC3A5689 BC3A5688

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Cold Sunrise in Port Washington WI

The arctic blast was both frigid and beautiful. I spent 8 hours outside in Port Washington over the last couple days capturing sunrises and sunsets, ice formations and steam rising. It was amazing.

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Port Washington WI Cold as Ice  1-7-2014

Port Washington WI
Cold as Ice

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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